SAFM and National Pharmacies 5 Days of Giving!

In December 2013 SAFM and National Pharmacies ran an awareness week titled ‘5 Days of Giving’.  With Christmas just around the corner KickStart for Kids held sensible expectations for the week, knowing that families would be focusing on the pending holidays and purchasing Christmas presents for their loved ones.  How wrong we were!  Adelaide dug deep, into their hearts and their pockets to raise $128,829.30!  This came from many places, including 50cents from Ben from the tooth fairy, Maddie gave $1.50 from her pocket money, and a young boy arrived with $300 which was to buy a PlayStation 4 for Christmas but he wanted to feed kids breakfast instead.  Mark arrived on the SAFM doorstep at 6.30am with $1200 to sponsor a school for a year, and many business employees went without their Christmas bonus or presents and instead donated the money to KickStart for Kids.

To all of those people we thank you, and the children who will now receive breakfast also thank you, for your kindness and your generosity.