Michael, Hayley & Burgo’s KickStart for Kids

Michael, Hayley and Burgo first met with Ian Steel, the founder of KickStart for Kids back in January and were absolutely blown away to find that Adelaide children are going to school hungry on a daily basis.

Ian established KickStart For Kids, a not for profit organisation, after mentoring “at risk” primary school children. In 2009 Ian noticed that the children he was mentoring were always hungry and could not concentrate properly. After consulting with teachers and students it was discovered that on average 10 to 15% of kids on lower socio-economic areas were coming to school without breakfast and no lunch. They are at best eating one meal a day. It also came to light that many of these kids are living in basic third world conditions, through no fault of their own many of these children are basically fending for themselves from the age of 5. Ian knew he had to act and in 2010 he created Kick Start for Kids, delivering breakfast to three schools in the north western suburbs from the back of a Ute a couple of times a week.

This photo was taken after our first National Pharmacies and SAFM three hour telethon in March 2013, where we raised $93,000. Thank you Adelaide for your generosity!