No Breakfast, Breakfast 2017

Our annual ‘No Breakfast, Breakfast’ on 8th December 2017 was a great success. We had almost 500 guests fill the Hilton Adelaide Ballroom, to experience what it’s like for thousands of South Australian kids who go to school with no breakfast. The guests were given coffee, tea, and fruit, so they didn’t go completely hungry; but not having a full breakfast meant they went about their day feeling the negative effects that not eating a substantial breakfast brings (i.e. fogginess, lack of concentration, irritability).

Our MC, Rebecca Morse, did a fantastic job as always at keeping the audience entertained and engaged; and our special guests did not disappoint. The experts in Leadership Development, Leading Teams, guided us through some very inspiring and interesting interviews. First, with Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke, as he talked about how to build a high-performance culture; and about team leadership. Second, with Darren Thomas, from Thomas Foods International. Andrew gave us insight into team culture, and how important it is to manage it effectively – particularly within a global, multi-million dollar business like Thomas Foods.

The biggest inspiration of the morning came from two very special guests who were interviewed by our CEO and Founder, Ian Steel. Both were so gracious and generous with their time, honesty, and openness. The stories about their difficult upbringings were so powerful and touching and resulted in a room with very few dry eyes. Both girls have grown to be strong, insightful and inspirational; and have worked so hard to overcome their obstacles. Listening to their stories helped the audience to understand why we do what we do at KickStart for Kids. Providing mentoring and support to young people is vital to enable them to grow up to be strong and well-adjusted, despite their circumstances; and to give them the best chance at life. Thank you to both girls for your bravery and resilience.

We raised $50,000 at our No Breakfast, Breakfast. National Pharmacies blew us away by donating $20,000 of that live on radio, with Jodie and Soda (Mix 102.3). These funds will help us to hold two new Camp KickStart’s in 2018. This means 120 new South Australian kids will be able to attend our camps for six weeks, and have fun, be fed, receive mentoring, and make wonderful memories; all because of the generosity of the South Australian community. We can’t thank you enough.

Please watch this video below to enjoy some highlights from the day. A big thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers who helped make this event a great success. We look forward to welcoming you back to our No Breakfast, Breakfast in 2018.