Ocean View College, KickStart their day at breakfast club!

Ocean View College knows the benefits of eating a good breakfast, and run a very successful KickStart for Kids breakfast club.
“Eating breakfast assists students in classroom performance, improves attendance, and encourages behaviour choices. Students also feel more energetic throughout the day. Just as important, when students routinely start their day with breakfast, they learn habits that carry over to their teen and adult years, and serve them for a lifetime.” (Jody Macri, Junior School Counsellor at Ocean View College)

KickStart for Kids also donated a new microwave and two new toasters to help the breakfast club volunteers provide a nutritious breakfast to students.

Well done Ocean View!

The above picture is Jody Macri, the Junior School Counsellor and Leah McGlinchey, the head of the Junior school with Jack Hombsch and Jarman Impey from Port Adelaide Football Club. This picture was taken at Ocean View College’s big breakfast club!